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Being a big fan of Singapore Airlines, monitoring SQ Promo fares has become my favourite pastime. Based on my past experience and research, I noticed a pattern. The cheapest Singapore Airlines promotion fares usually happened at the beginning of the year – between January and March.

To compete with its rivalries, Singapore Airlines have frequently slashed its airfares to popular Asia destinations like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo & Seoul and European destinations like London and Paris.

Singapore Airlines Promotion Restrictions

Terms and conditions vary. For most destinations, SQ rules are quite relaxed – you can travel alone and the maximum stay is up to 30 days. For destinations like Tokyo or Sydney, however, SQ often requires “Two-to-go” (aka two passengers to travel together) and the maximum stay period is reduced to 14 days.

If you were like me, prefer to travel on Singapore Airlines and is cost-conscious, you need to be hardworking – always stay alert and sniff out for SQ special fare deals. Check on the official website for the latest deal.

SQ Promo Fares to Bangkok, Seoul & Taipei

Current Singapore Airlines promotion fares are quite attractive to destinations such as Bangkok, Syndey, and Taipei. With SQ promo fare to Bangkok starts from $199, budget travellers who like to dine and shop will be tempted to hop onto the plane and visit Bangkok anytime. A return economy airfares to Seoul starts from $720 and if that is too high for your budget then why not go Taiwan instead. The two-way fare to Taipei starts from $441.

Considering travelling on a world-class flight, with free-flow of wine, full meals on board and generous baggage allowance – 30kg of checked-in luggage, these benefits often justified my decision to travel on SQ over budget airlines.

My travel advice – Plan the holiday itinerary later, book your SQ air tickets now.


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