Skip Queue at Eiffel Tower

by Danny Lee

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Tip# 3: Skip Queue at Eiffel Tower

Ha! The famous icon of Paris! Eiffel tower is one humongous piece of steel beams and rivets structure that has been used as a backdrop for many romantic movie scenes. A visit to Paris without a trip to this iconic tower is not considered complete! Whole year round, there are hordes of people coming to marvel at Eiffel Tower and take pictures with it. Be prepared to queue for hours (more so during peak season) just to buy a ticket to go up the Eiffel Tower. I was at Eiffel Tower on an early February morning and there was already a queue of more than 300 people there!

Where to get Eiffel Tower Tickets

But wait! There is a way that allows you to jump queue and take the elevator right to the top for breathtaking view of Paris. You can pre-book the tickets online at with your credit cards. A ticket costs €13.40 for an adult to gain access to the top of Eiffel Tower. However, you have to indicate your preferred date and time when booking the ticket. After confirmation, there will be no changes to the date and timing, so be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier at the ground floor entrance.

Tip: Bring you own sandwiches and bottled drinks along as the hotdog stall at the base of Eiffel Tower are selling food a very “tourist” prices! It costs around €9 for a hotdog and drink. A cheaper alternative would be the only souvenir store that sells a packet of fruit biscuits for less than €3.

Eiffel Tower Light Up

Eiffel Tower Viewing Platform

Now where can I get the best view and camera shots for Eiffel Tower? Taking photos from the base of Eiffel Tower is difficult because it is such a huge structure. If you want to fit yourself and the whole tower in the same frame, that’s no an easy feat for a novice photographer like me! So I decided to walk over the bridge to a place called Trocadero.

You just need to locate the colorful carousel at entrance of Eiffel Tower, walk towards Trocadero and then you will see a slope going up a grand building. Go up to the building and soon you will arrive at a huge platform where many tourists are taking pictures of Eiffel Tower there. You can’t miss this place and the view there is breathtaking too. Watching the nightly light show from there is magical too!

Tip #4: Seine Paris River Cruise

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