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  • To complete an exciting and memorable Sentosa Island experience, choosing the best hotel in the Sentosa resort island plays an important part. Different hotels in Sentosa should be evaluated according to location, costs and amenities.

  • Resorts World Sentosa offers a convenient stay for its visitors through the three major hotels: Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Hotel Michael. These hotels feature different themes that suit the different personalities of guests and travelers.

  • Every woman wants a perfect honeymoon. So let’s start with choosing the best honeymoon villas in Bali first. Ubud Hanging Gardens provides the perfect setting for a truly romantic honeymoon; while Bulgari Bali offers exclusive wedding ceremonies distinguished by Bulgari style.

  • Renting a Bali villa is similar to renting a holiday home furnished with kitchen facilities and a private swimming pool. It can set you back a couple of hundreds or thousands, but with some creative research, you could still get a cheap Bali villa deal.

  • Boracay island has one of the best beaches in Philippines and bewitches the hearts of millions with its beauty of a resort island you can’t find elsewhere.