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  • Shinjuku night clubs offer an interesting insight of Tokyo nightlife. The highlights are Golden Gai area where many tiny bars crammed together and popular Gay clubs like Arty Farty and Annex Bar that can be an eye opener.

  • Tokyo nightlife starts when Tokyoites leave offices and ends at 5am. There are many night clubs and bars offer various styles that suit everyone’s tastes. Expats like Muse Club in Roppongi while the youth prefer Womb Club in Shibuya.

  • Is it possible to find a Tokyo hotel with good location yet affordable? Yes, with some hard research, I managed to find some good and cheap hotels near Shinjuku Station.

  • Here’s the 5 very useful tips to help you save money when book hotel in Tokyo and other part of Japan. Tip #1: Book Directly · Tip #2: Book Early · Tip #3: Stay Longer · Tip #4: Avoid payment in advance · Tip #5: Stay near train station