Raohe Night Market – 饒河夜市

by Danny Lee

Raohe Street Night Market by MK·Photography - flic.kr/p/H9VxTk

Raohe Night Market is quite well known among tourists who visited Taipei. What I personally like about Raohe Night Market is the big red entrance gate. The other Taipei night markets do not have such monumental structure to indicate the start of the street market.

If you were planning to visit Raohe night market then you might also want to make an afternoon trip to the popular wholesale area Wufenpu(五分埔) before proceeding to the night market.

How to get to Wufenpu & Raohe Night Market

Wufenpu is just next to Songshan railway station(松山火車站). This is one of the major high speed railway stations in Taiwan(台灣高鐵) and almost all the trains stop here.

To get to Wufenpu by Metro Taipei, take the Ban-nan(阪南) line and get off at the Houshanpi(後山埤) MRT station. Use Exit 1 to Wufenpu Commercial Zone and walk north along Zhongpo N. Road(中坡北路) to the intersection of Zhongpo N. Road and Yongji Road(永吉路).

From Wufenpu to Raohe Night Market, walk towards the Songshan railway station(松山火車站) and you’ll see the night market after crossing Ba-de Road Section 4(八德路四段).

Wufenpu location map - click to view

Wufenpu – 五分埔

Wufenpu is an extremely popular destination with locals and tourists because you can buy clothes at knockdown wholesale prices here. You can find ladies fashion and accessories, pet accessories, baby clothing and men’s fashion all housed under a huge complex. There are hundreds of stores here and the neat layout make it easy for shoppers to move around without getting lost.

When I first visited the place, I expected to find off-season clothing but was surprised to see only current season style. So if you were there during the winter months, the clothing would not be suitable for Singapore climate!

Raohe Night Market Pepper Meat Bun – 饒河街胡椒餅

Raohe Pepper Meat BunAfter spending the entire afternoon shopping at Wufenpu, it’ll be just the right timing to make your way to Raohe night market to enjoy all the yummy snacks!

One of the most famous snacks at the Raohe night market is the Pepper Meat Bun(胡椒饼). To avoid the long queue, make sure you reach there early. We were there at about 5pm when it was just opening for business. By 6pm, the queue was almost 2 rows deep! And yes, the meat bun was very good!

Definitely a must-eat in Taipei!

We also had the freshest prawns for dinner – Taipei Seafood Dinner at Raohe Night Market