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Tenet Travel Insurance Singapore

Tenet Travel Insurance is a well known reputable brand among Singapore travelers but not many know that Tenet Insurance Singapore has recently been bought over by Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. This may be due to the union between Sompo and Tenet has little or no impact on its insurance products, particularly, Tenet TravelJoy.

Tenet TravelJoy Insurance is a highly sought after travel item, besides cheap travel deals during NATAS Fair. The discounts offered during Tenet travel insurance promotion at the travel event can go down as low as 45%. With more and more Singaporeans traveling overseas for holidays and many are aware of the benefits of getting covered, travel insurance has become a necessary expense when planning for travel budget.

Tenet Travel Joy

Let’s drive in to explore the unique selling points of Tenet TravelJoy that takes care of travel inconveniences that may occur before, during and even after your trip:

  • Travel Cancellation and Delay due to Natural Disaster
  • Alternative Travel Arrangement to return to Singapore if delayed for more than 24 hours due to natural disaster
  • Baggage Delay pays for delay when your baggage is wrongly picked up at the bag carousel by another passenger
  • Travel & Baggage Delay pays from 6 hours onwards and every 4 hours thereafter
  • Third Degree Burns and Reconstructive Surgery due to Burns arising from an accident
  • Better Personal Accident Benefits for Child and no aggregate limit for family plan
  • Abandonment of Trip in Singapore after 24 hours of delay
  • Fraudulent use of Credit Card overseas up to $1,000
  • Covers Irrecoverable Deposits if trip is cancelled due to financial collapse of Singapore licensed travel agent
  • Covers Amateur Sports such as hot-air balloon, para-sailing, white water rafting, snow-skiing
  • Treatment by Chinese Physician and Chiropractor up to $500 per accident

Eligibility and Coverage

  • No Age Limit
  • All Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Foreigners with valid working or social passes like Employment Pass, Work Permit, Dependent Pass, Student Pass or Long Term Social Visit Pass
  • Child insured under a Family Plan refer to dependent children below 21 years old who are not married and not working full-time

Individual Plan vs Family Plan

The Individual Plan’s premium of Deluxe Annual Plan for worldwide coverage is S$393. It’s more worthwhile to purchase a Family Plan at S$707 which covers the insured, spouse and with any number of children. But there is a catch. Child insured under the Family Plan must always travel together with at least one insured adult. If a child is aged 16 and above and is not traveling with his parents, a separate Individual Plan will have to be purchased.

Tenet Travel Insurance – Single Trip Plan vs Annual Plan

Tenet Travel Joy Insurance’s single trip plan covers up to 182 days while its annual multi-trip plan covers up to 90 days for each trip with unlimited number of trips allowed in a year.

If you think you want to stretch your dollars by buying an Annual Multi-Trip Plan as you are planning to hop from one country to another for more than 90 days, think twice. The Annual multi-trip plan only covers up to 90 days per trip.

If you are buying a Single Trip Plan for a trip that involves traveling to a few countries, premium will be calculated based on the country with the highest premium from the first day of the trip.

No matter how well planned, a holiday can be affected by the unexpected. Don’t risk ruining your precious holiday due to unforeseen events. Make travel insurance your perfect companion for an enjoyable trip.

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