Fly With Thai Airways Special Fare Promotion


Thai Airways by Andy Mitchell via

Thai Airways launches its “Best Time to Fly with THAI” promotion where all First, Business & Premium Economy Class’ seats are on offer. If you are very concern with legroom space on airplanes and comfort when travelling long distance (more than 6 hours) and have some spare cash to splurge, do consider the latest Thai Airways Promotion on its Premium Economy Class and Business Class.

Thai Airways Promotion Fares

Thai Airways flies to 72 destinations in 35 countries and its flights to Bangkok and Chiang Mai are most popular among Singaporeans. When comparing promotional fares between Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways’ flights to Bangkok or Chiang Mai is a steal! It would have cost more to fly via Singapore Airlines.

Other than cheap flights to Thailand, Thai Airways fly to Europe destinations such as Paris, Milan, London or Frankfurt, Singapore Airlines may be a better choice.


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