Top 5 Tips on Saving Money in Norway

by Audrey Ng

Northern Lights by Moyan Brenn via

Northern Lights, majestic fjords and maybe a reindeer or two, Norway is best enjoyed outdoors be it summer or winter. You know it will cost a pretty penny so put aside cash for the activities that will allow you to make the most of your trip while you save on the areas where you can.

Tip 1: Cheap Eats

Set aside some money for at least one dinner in a nice setting and hit the chain restaurants like Egon and Peppes Pizza or takeaway from the Deli de Luca. Grønland in Oslo is the immigrant area of the city where one can get a variety of dishes from street vendors. Some websites have said it may be dangerous, so try cooking dinner instead from the many grocery stores available. According to the Norway tourism website, the cheapest are Bunnpris, Rema 1000, Kiwi and Rimi. Norway is also the world’s largest coffee consumer and many coffee chains around offer a warm drink and sandwich.

Tip 2: Walk!

Travel passes like the Oslo and Bergen pass help you save a lot especially with free or discounted entry to attractions and on transport. However, cities like Bergen, Alesund and Tromso are very walkable and cool temperatures ensure you don’t perspire too much! Oslo’s heated town streets in winter ensure a pleasant, non-slip walking experience!

Tip 3: Accommodation

Choose hostels within walking distance from the train station or close to the eating places so you don’t have to spend so much on public transport. Or you could go on an European cruise to a different city which includes lodging and transport all in one and soak in the sights of different cities along the way. The Hurtigruten cruise company offers several trips that take you along the gorgeous Norwegian coast.

Tromso Tourist Information Office

Tromso Tourist Information Office

Tip 4: Guided Tours

There are many guided tours, some free and some for a small fee, in several cities as well as within the museums. If you’re going for the Northern Lights experience, Tromso is rated one of the best cities with the most sightings. Visit the tourist office for a range of guided tours at various prices that offer a cup of hot chocolate and snack as you watch the spectacular visual display and some tours even include dog and reindeer sled rides!

Train With Private Cabin

Tip 5: Train Trips

Cover greater distances and get a visual feast when you go on a train ride. This way, you get to save money while enjoying great scenery and even save on a night’s accommodation if you take a night train. Furthermore, if you travel during summer, the sun hardly ever sets! If you’ve only time for one ride, the Oslo to Bergen railway, rated one of the world’s most beautiful train rides is the must take and you can also do the Flam railway which takes you on a ride to the most amazing view of the fjords.


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