Getting Covered by Travel Insurance

by Jeffrey Neo

Flight Delayed

Tip #6: Why you need to buy travel insurance

Buying a travel insurance was the best thing I’d ever did on my US trip. Traveling in a country like the US, travel insurance is an absolute necessity. During my 5-month travel in the US, I had experienced 4 flight delays and 2 cancellations just within the month of November and December. Thus, I am glad that I have bought travel insurance plan which provides adequate coverage on the area of flight cancellations and delays.

Travel Insurance For Flight Delay

With my few experiences in claiming travel insurance, my advice is to get a policy with compensation for every 6 hours of flight delay or cancellation. If you choose to buy one with compensation starting from 12 hours or thereafter, you might find yourself making no claims at the end of the day as flights are usually delayed between 6 and 8 hours (12 hours or more is quite unlikely from my experience).

Travel Insurance Claims Advice

In the event of flight delay or cancellation, you must speak to a ground member from the respective airline immediately at the airport and provide them with your means of contact so that an official statement could be issued to you for your insurance claims. Subsequent request for such statement could take up to 30 days and chasing for a reply from the airline can be a slow and tedious process. Also, keep a physical copy of your travel policy and insurance agent’s contact in case of emergency or should you require any clarifications.

Tip #7:How to save money shopping online

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