The Venetian Macau

by Cher Wen Qi

Venetian Macau Interior by Yap Kian Ann

During my recent Hong Kong and Macau trip, I get to experience the feel of Las Vegas at The Venetian – a luxury hotel and casino resort owned by Las Vegas Sands. The Venetian offers world class dining, shopping and entertainment and luxurious suite rooms all under one big roof. Big may be an understatement. It’s gigantic! There is definitely something for everyone regardless of the young or the old, that’s why Venetian Macao Resort Hotel has become one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Macau.

Venetian Macau

The Venetian also plays host yearly to many world renowned concerts and exhibitions such as The Titanic Exhibition, Human Bodies exhibition and Korean group 2PM concert. For the budget conscious, don’t fret! There are many mid-range shops in The Venetian, as well as a food court that offers an international selection of cuisine. While the food there may not be wholly authentic or very delicious, it is definitely decent enough to whet your appetite. To try best eggs tarts in Macau from Lord Stow’s bakery needs not go too far – it has an outlet in Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, located at 2119a, Level 3, Shoppes Grand Canal.

Venentian Macau Exterior by Yap Kian Ann

The Venetian also provides a picturesque background for taking pictures or simply breathtaking viewing pleasure, especially in the night when it is alight with colourful lights and decorations. It also imitates the feel of Venice with its canals and gondoliers within The Venetian.

Venetian Macau Hotel Room

Venetian Macau Hotel Rates

To book your accommodation at The Venetian Macau Hotel, I would recommend booking through Agoda. My tour groups were able to get a special request through Agoda for earlier check-in into the hotel at 11am. The normal check-in time is 3pm. Agoda’s wonderful service helped us to settle into Macau comfortably.

On top of that, we got upgraded from Royale suite rooms to Bella suite rooms! Venetian Macau suite room is so spacious, we have no problem sleeping four persons comfortably in a 70 square meter room. At the current rate of USD185 a night, it’s a steal!

Venetian Hotel Royal Suite Room

City of Dreams and The House of Dancing Water

There is no better place to situate the theatre of the House of Dancing Water than at the City of Dreams located just opposite of The Venetian. True to its name, the City of Dreams is indeed where dreams come true with the magical beauty of the House of Dancing Water. The House of Dancing Water is the highlight of the entertainment scene in Macau and it is a spectacular show that is definitely not to be missed!

City Of Dream by Yap Kian Ann

The show is the masterpiece of the world’s greatest showmaker Mr Franco Dragone and costs over HKD 2 billion (USD 250 million) in production. The perfect harmony and extravaganza of theatre, dance and water gymnastic artistry will leave the audience awe-struck and astounded. With a 270 degree- view theatre, you can get a good view of the performance at every part of the theatre, even at the lowest priced seats!

To get tickets for the show, you can either book online at or buy directly at the Box Office located just outside of the theatre in City of Dreams. I would advise you to book tickets online to secure the best seats and to avoid long queues at the box office.

Santa Casa Da Misericordia Macau

Exploring Macau City

Away from the hotels and casinos district exists distinctly Macau streets with its neo-classical style buildings and Churches. This place is none other than San Ma Lo in the very heart of Macau city. This place is always bustling with people and activity. At the marketplace, you can try many Macau specialties such as barbequed beef and pork, Portuguese egg tarts, Macanese cookies, Turkish ice-cream and many more! There are also several museums around for those who are interested in Art and History to visit.

St Paul's Church Macau

Nearby San Ma Lo is the famous Ruins of St. Paul’s, a World Heritage Site and Macau’s most famous tourist attraction. St Paul’s cathedral retains its rich history and artefacts till this day, representing the connection between history and present day. Feel history come alive with the magic of St Paul’s as you find yourself standing in the legacy left behind.

The best time to visit St Paul’s is in the morning or evening. It would be good to avoid the afternoon Sun as much as possible if you wish to take nice photographs at St Paul’s as the cathedral is very much exposed to the weather.

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