VISA Promotions at Travel Revolution Fair


Your ticket to paradise awaits - Travel Revolution/VISA

You can now expect great offers and discounts with your VISA cards when you book tour packages at the Travel Revolution Fair. VISA is the main credit card sponsor for the event. Beside hosting a web page to showcase all the partners’ travel deals, it also hosted a Facebook page to promote the event.

With the Travel Revolution competing with NATAS to hold a bigger and better travel fair, consumers would benefit most out of this travel fair rivalry.

Offers and Discounts for VISA Cardholders

VISA cardholders get the following discounts when they charge their travel purchases to their VISA cards at Travel Revolution Fair 2015.

– Dynasty Travel (3 times discounts)
– Chan Brothers (Up to S$288 off per cabin for Cruise Tours)
– MISA Travel (8% discounts per person)
– CS Travel ($200 off per couple for Bhutan / South Africa Tours)
– Euro Asia (S$50 off per couple for Australia Tours)
– SA Tours (S$50 off per couple for China / Japan Tours)
– Eu Holidays (S$50 off for Japan Tours)
– New Shan Travel ($100 off per couple for Japan Tours)

HSBC Credit Cards Promotion

Highly recommend you to charge your holidays package with your HSBC Credit Card and enjoy complimentary parking at Marina Bay Sands, United Colors of Benetton travel luggage and bonus gifts including weekend hi-tea for two at Swissotel Merchant Court, S$50 worth of overseas Wi-Fi and more.

HSBC Travel Revolution Fair Promotion 2015

Travel Revolution vs NATAS or VISA vs MasterCard?

MasterCard has been the main credit card sponsor for the NATAS Travel Fair and its promotions have been fairly successful in influencing holidaymakers to charge their travel purchases to MasterCard. Some of the recent promotions by MasterCard include doubling the chances to win at the NATAS Grand Draw prize and $8,888 rebates on their travel purchases at the NATAS Fair.

By now, you would realise that it is not only a competition between Travel Revolution Fair and NATAS Travel Fair for bigger visitor numbers, but also a battle between the two credit card giants to gain market share and travel agencies vying for consumer’s dollar. Save up to 10%


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