Working Holiday Visa in Japan

by Valerie Caulin

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For young travelers who want to explore Japan and experience its impressive heritage, think about getting a Working Holiday Visa. Japan is very strict when it comes to immigration with all foreigners coming to the country being subject to being photographed and then fingerprinted. This extends when it comes to awarding visas.

How to apply for Japan Working Holiday Visa

A working holiday visa from its name itself is to literally mix holiday while earning a paycheck. This is open to young travelers ages 18-30 and to residents of some countries like Austria, UK, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, France and Germany. You can apply for this visa in Japanese consulates or embassies in your home country or in a local Japanese immigration office if you happen to be currently residing in Japan.

The rationale behind this visa is to give young travelers a chance to appreciate Japan as a travel destination and you can’t do this without proper funding. Food, transportation and lodging can be heavy for young travelers. Hence, the Japanese came up with this special working visa to give these travelers a chance to self-finance their Japan trips.

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Get Paid While Traveling in Japan

With this type of visa, its bearer can apply and land a part-time job. It is valid for 6 months and can be extended for another 6 months with a total of one year of stay. The most common jobs that non-Japanese do with their working holiday visas are teaching, restaurant crews, modeling and many more. Some would have two different part time jobs like teaching and waitressing to maximize the benefits of a Working Holiday Visa.

For those who are interested to stay in Japan longer or for those who want to work in Japan but still has to find a sponsor (a requisite for working visas), you can start working right away with this type of visa. Therefore if you are a resident of the countries mentioned earlier and falls under the required age bracket, take advantage of Japan’s working holiday visa and start earning even while having a holiday!

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